Leeds£980 to £1,610 PER WEEK WORKEDFull time

LIVE-IN Positions – Weekly Shifts

Positions available across the UK

Clients usually employ a team of 2 Live in PAs who each work alternate weeks. Accommodation is provided when working, it is not available when not working. PAs are paid a daily rate that covers a 24-hour period and includes a sleeping night. Apart from certain routine daily tasks, a lot of the time is spent being “on call”. A “Job share” and “flatmate” type of role.

Example wages for a 7-day week Live-in: £980 to 1,610 per week

5.6 weeks holiday per year. This includes bank holidays which are treated as usual working days.

Pension Scheme

There are variations and additions to the above, some clients employ additional carers who come in for a few hours each day to double up for personal care in the mornings and evenings. Some clients employ a team of PAs to work with them at university during term time and a different team when they are at home.

All of our clients require 24/7 support, this can range from those who have complex healthcare needs to those who only need minimal personal care. 24/7 support is not just about care, in most cases, care is only a small part of what a PA does.

Example PA Position

Personal Assistant / Study Buddy / Flat Mate

We have vacancies to work for students studying a range of subjects who are attending universities across the UK.

  • Start September 2023 at university or sooner at the student’s home.
  • Full training in the student's particular care and support requirements is provided.
  • Reporting to and employed by the student.

Person Specification

We seek to recruit enthusiastic, outgoing individuals, preferably recent graduates or people with equivalent experience, to the posts of Personal Assistant.

We are looking for candidates interested in working in a university environment, who have an interest in teaching or education generally, social services, or the health care sector. This is an opportunity to support another student achieve their academic goals and experience independent living.

AskJules will arrange full training and support for successful applicants.

This is a fantastic opportunity if:

  • you are a new graduate wanting time to plan your next career steps;
  • you are taking a gap year after graduating;
  • you are looking for a position to act as a stepping stone to springboard you into a career in education or health and social care.

The personal & professional competencies expected of a Personal Assistant are:

  • The ability to communicate clearly and tactfully using appropriate methods and have an awareness of the impact of your own communication on others;
  • Able to maintain positive relationships with all and able to work as an effective and flexible part of a team;
  • Willingness to change methods of work and routines to benefit the student and team;
  • Willingness to accept responsibility for your own actions;
  • The ability to prioritise effectively, meet deadlines, and accept challenges;
  • To act as a positive role model;
  • Be energetic, flexible, and positive;
  • Be imaginative, articulate, adaptable, and keen to make a difference;
  • Be supportive of the particular ethos and expectations of the student;

Job Specification

General Responsibilities

As a Personal Assistant, you will be an integral part of the student's university experience. The primary role is to provide quality care and student support to our young client at university and in some cases at home during the holidays.

You will work under the direction of the student with the support and guidance of AskJules Ltd.

You will have access to and be responsible for confidential information and documentation and must ensure confidential or sensitive material is handled appropriately and accurately.

Specific Responsibilities

As a Personal Assistant, you will be required to:

  • Work closely with the student, undertaking duties on a weekly rota covering 24/7.
  • Duties will include personal care, student and social support;
  • Assist the student with administration tasks as required;
  • Provide cover for absent colleagues.
  • Encourage the student to engage in clubs/activities and societies;
  • Maintain good order, appearance, and behaviour;
  • Establish a productive relationship with the student, acting as a role model and setting high expectations for their study and coursework;
  • Assist the student with the organisation of events and extra-curricular activities;
  • Support student if required with note-taking during lectures, seminars, and meetings.
  • To drive (not always needed) and accompany the student to appointments, social events, and home.

Criminal Record Screening

All applicants must be prepared to undergo screening to confirm their suitability to work with a disabled young person.